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Open Horizons

1. Product codes​

Product codes are a valuable tool to describe and identify the product. In the code structure we have tried to describe the product features with a alphanumerical system which not always is 100% logical. With the attached key you will be able to find the product you are looking for or an alternative product.

Open Horizons

2. Small Hole Drilling

Explore our extraordinary range of products tailored for efficient small bore drilling. At Ryder Drilling, we deliver innovative, high-performance solutions to meet the most demanding needs in the drilling industry, ensuring effectiveness and precision in every operation.

3. Drifting And Tunneling

Discover our diverse range of products tailored for drilling during tunnel openings, addressing sections of various dimensions. At Ryder Drilling, we excel in providing innovative and high-quality solutions specifically tailored to the requirements of each project, ensuring optimal performance in tunnel excavation with varied sections."

4. Surface Drilling

Explore our comprehensive range of products designed for surface mining drillings. With varying diameters, our tools are specialized to efficiently tackle drilling in different types of rock. At Ryder Drilling, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions that ensure exceptional performance, adapting to the specific demands of each mining project.

New Technology

5. Long Hole Drilling

Explore our extensive range of meticulously engineered products designed for long-hole drilling applications. Our diverse collection includes precision-crafted drill bits with varying diameters and designs, ensuring customized solutions for your specific needs. Complemented by state-of-the-art bars and a variety of accessories, our offerings guarantee unparalleled efficiency and performance in every long-hole drilling project. At Ryder Drilling, we take pride in delivering top-tier tools and equipment, dedicated to addressing the intricate demands of long-hole drilling with unparalleled professionalism and excellence.

New Technology

6. Shank adapter

We offer a wide range of head adapters designed to fit various types and brands of drilling rigs. Our selection encompasses precise and efficient solutions, ensuring perfect compatibility with your drilling equipment. At Ryder Drilling, we are committed to providing versatile and high-quality products tailored to your specific needs, delivering maximum flexibility and performance in every operation.

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