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Choosing a supplier of rock drilling tools is a critical step in achieving success on any drilling project or site. Generally, this selection process will make a difference in our ability to meet the objectives set in our project, therefore, it is essential to have the greatest amount of information available when choosing a suitable supplier. In this article, we will share some points to consider when choosing a supplier of rock drilling tools

Experience in the sector

It is essential that when choosing a supplier of rock drilling tools, we choose a company with experience in the drilling industry. The experience will be vital, as it will give us a higher level of safety (due to the different norms and quality standards that must be met in drilling projects) and will show us that the supplier is qualified to carry out this task. It is recommended that the supplier has previously worked on projects of a similar scale to our drilling project or site. Another factor that we must take into account is that the supplier’s experience will be useful to us when making inquiries, optimizing procedures, reducing costs, processing permits, solving problems, or clarifying doubts in general.

Tool quality

Rock drilling projects are usually medium or long-term jobs, therefore, having high-quality tools will allow project times to be considerably reduced, which will result in lower operating costs. We must take into account that if we have quality tools, a professional drilling job can be carried out that meets all the quality standards of the industry, due to this, it is necessary to choose a company that is capable of guaranteeing the quality of its equipment and tools, as well as being able to provide the necessary support if there is a problem or setback with these tools.

Opinions or references

Asking for opinions or references from former clients can be an effective way to evaluate a potential supplier. While some people might think that reviews can be “altered” and misleading, the truth is that when a company has a recognized track record in the drilling industry, it tends to have many testimonials, which can be easily verifiable. Let us remember that, unlike other business lines, drilling projects are more limited and specialized, therefore, although there are fewer projects, they can be verified more easily.

Professional team

Another point to consider is the team of professionals that the supplier has, remember that each drilling project must have well-prepared studies and highly qualified professionals so that they can determine what type of drilling tools are the most appropriate for our project or work (or receive a professional opinion on the matter), all of this will guarantee more accurate results and give us the confidence to execute or complete our drilling project.

Support and customer service

The provider must have good support and customer service, as this will allow us to resort to it in the event of a question, problem or incident. We must take into account that drilling projects have a medium or long-term duration, which is why it is important to build a good relationship with the supplier over time. Different indicators can give us an “idea” of the level of quality concerning the support service and customer service of the potential provider, for example, we can verify if the company provides support in our language, we can also ask different questions Through the official digital channels of the company, to later measure the time and quality of the responses received.

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