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Top hammers are tools used in “open pit” mining to drill large boreholes efficiently. Top hammers are used in the percussive rotation method, which is performed with pneumatic or hydraulic tools. Here are some characteristics of top hammers:

The rotation occurs outside the drill hole

The most outstanding feature of this type of hammers is that the rotation and percussion take place outside the drill bit (a device used to drill holes or wells by extracting the solid material drilled through a rotating helical screw), transmitting the process through a shank and rod to the drill hole.

Ideal for mining and subway operations

This type of hammer is ideal for drilling narrow and short holes in hard rock. Top hammers are used in mining, construction, and the extraction of rock material. The Top Hammer method is preferred in underground mining operations because it uses water to remove cuttings (unlike other technologies that clean with air); this procedure improves the underground working environment since it minimizes the impact of the drilling dust in the air.

More precise and controlled blasting

Top hammer drilling allows for a greater number of smaller holes, enabling more precise and controlled blasting, which is often very critical in subway operations to protect the integrity of personnel and the environment.

Requires personnel and is easy to transport

This type of hammer does not require a large of personnel for its use, for example, many models can be handled by one man, and no special transport is required for its mobilization.

Easy to install and adapts to the ground conditions

Top hammers are easy to install as they do not require specialized transportation or complex assembly or installation processes. Thanks to the wide range of designs available, bits can always be changed or optimized to suit the ground conditions.

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