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Tricone bits are rotary drilling tools, which consist of a design of three cones that rotate according to the thrust and rotation of the machine. As we saw in our previous article, tricone bits are used by a drilling machine to cut and crush (indentation) the rock formations in the subsoil, which appear during the drilling process. Below we will know some of the advantages offered by this type of drill bit for excavations:

They adapt to the conditions of the terrain

Currently, geological studies are essential, since they allow us to know what type of tools should be used to minimize the margin of error in an excavation. The choice of the right type of tricone drill is made under the study of the hardness of the rock, the harder the rock, the shorter the size of the teeth of the tricone drill. This characteristic allows the tricone bits to be able to adapt effectively to the conditions of the terrain or subsoil in which the excavation is to be carried out.

They allow reducing operating costs

This type of drill bit provides a constant speed to the drilling work, which allows to considerably reduce the drilling time and the margins of error, all this contributes to the “efficient” expenditure of the assigned resources, which allows to reduce operating costs in the medium and long term, especially if we take into account that if the “wrong” tool is used this can generate different problems, which can cause the project to be delayed several weeks, months or years, which can mean considerable operating cost.

They have a lower energy consumption

Tricone drills have the ability to withstand more pressure without having a high level of wear, which allows working more efficiently and effectively, in addition, having the ability to work continuously, makes the system consume less energy and be more efficient. Another outstanding quality is that tricone bits require fewer parts, which reduces stresses on rotary motors and vibrations, which creates “less fatigue” on the drilling machine or drilling system.

Different materials or components

Tricone drills are made with different materials, which offer various alternatives regarding efficiency and cost, for example, tricone drills with Steel teeth (ST) are cheaper and when used properly can drill for several hours, these types of bits are designed to work in soft, medium and hard formations.

On the other hand, tricone bits with teeth of Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) are more expensive, but their useful life is longer because tungsten carbide is more resistant to wear during drilling than steel. This type of drill is used for soft, medium, to very hard formations.

Allows digging deeper

Tricone bits can adapt to different types of soils and reach a greater depth than other types of drilling tools, which reduces the risks of deviations in the process and allows larger projects to be carried out effectively and safely.

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