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RC Hammers


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Rc hammer
New Solution

RC Hammer

The reverse circulation hammer (RC-DTH) is an innovative air-driven DTH percussion drilling tool. Unlike the conventional DTH hammer system, the specially designed structured bit is the key part of the RC-DTH hammer system, and the double-walled drilling pipes are designed for transporting both compressed air and drilling cuttings.

New technology

RC Bits

Our RC hammers use low working pressure to achieve high performance and energy efficiency, minimizing maintenance needs. With robust shanks ideal for heavy-duty tasks, our hammers have a non-reversible outer liner and specialized heat treatments to increase the lifespan of their wearing parts. These features ensure long-lasting and efficient operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Best qualities

RC bits offer several advantages over traditional drilling methods. They can recover bigger and better quality samples of minerals and rock, and they are more durable, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Furthermore, RC bits are ideal for challenging geological formations, making them a versatile and efficient choice for mining and exploration companies worldwide.
Open Horizons

RC Rods

Unlike conventional DTH hammer systems, the drill pipes are double-walled designed to transport both compressed air and drilling cuttings.

During drilling, compressed air is injected into the annular space of the double-walled pipes and activates the RC DTH pneumatic hammer to generate high-frequency impacts that act on the RC bit, where reverse circulation is formed.

RC Drill Rods:

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